CaminoByTheWay has been involved in planning and guiding charity fundraisers along the Camino for several years now. Wonderful relationships have been built with some of Ireland’s leading national charities such as the Irish Hospice Foundation and the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. We’ve

Now is the time when planning for school tours gets underway. If you’ve been called on to organise a school tour, then think seriously about the Camino. From planning and escorting school groups along the Camino, we’ve found the Camino to be a brilliant option for

  One of the pleasant things about the Camino is the lack of infiltration of English. Sure you’ll find some waiting staff and receptionists with a decent command of the language, but local people won’t automatically switch into English in the way they do in

The famous festival of San Fermín is about to kick off in Pamplona. Pilgrims entering the city over the next few days are going to find themselves among a heaving sea of people dressed in red and white and partying in the open streets. To mark

Heard about this new walk they’re calling the Celtic Camino? It’s an exciting new route to Santiago de Compostela that combines a historic pilgrimage walk of your choice in Ireland with the English Way in northern Spain.

Time to shed a little light on another fascinating and inspirational figure from Camino history. Our subject is the great Spanish Benedictine monk and scholar Father Martín Sarmiento, who undertook a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 1745. Pedro Xosé Balboa, known today as Father Martín Sarmiento,

We’re just back from a wonderful adventure along the final section of the Via Francigena with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. The experience was a pleasant reminder of the many things the Italian Camino to Rome has to offer pilgrims. Here’s a roundup:

Next time you find yourself walking through the village of Manjarín, make sure you stop to say hello to Tomás, the ‘Last of the Knights Templar’ and one of the Camino de Santiago’s legendary characters.

The Portuguese Camino is the second most popular Camino de Santiago route and one that continues to attract pilgrims year after year. Well serviced and well waymarked, it is less physically challenging than other routes and boasts some truly fascinating features. Here are just a

According to statistics from the Pilgrims’ Office in Santiago de Compostela, ten percent of all pilgrims who walked the Camino de Santiago in 2016 came from the United States, making it the fourth most represented country along the Camino (after Spain, Italy and Germany). But