Learn these Spanish words and phrases before setting off on your Camino


One of the pleasant things about the Camino is the lack of infiltration of English. Sure you’ll find some waiting staff and receptionists with a decent command of the language, but local people won’t automatically switch into English in the way they do in other modern tourist destinations. You might find that challenging, but at least it brings authenticity to the experience and puts the onus on you to brush up on your Spanish.

Below is a list of words and expressions that will get you pretty far along the Camino.


Buen Camino! – The standard greeting to all fellow pilgrims. You’ll say it and hear it spoken to you over and over.

Hola – Hi

Buenos días – Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

Buenas noches – Good night

 – Yes

No – No

Por favor  – Please

Gracias – Thank you

De nada – You’re welcome

Perdone – Excuse me

De dónde eres? – Where are you from?

Cómo te llamas – What is your name?

Adiós – Goodbye

Hasta luego – See you later



We’re talking here about the breaks you’ll take during your walking stage, when you’ve just put down 10 or 15 km and want to recharge your batteries with a cup of tea or coffee. Remember, the Spanish don’t tend to bother with formalities when ordering. None of this ‘Could I have..’ or ‘When you’re ready…’ Straight up, shoot from the hip, they won’t mind.

Café – Coffee

Café con leche – White Coffee/Latte/Coffee with mil

Café americano – Black Coffee/Americano

(prounounced tay) – Tea

Té negro – Black Tea

Té verde – Green tea

Cerveza –  Beer

Caña – A small glass of beer

Zumo de naranja  –  Orange juice

Caliente  – Warm

Frío(a) – Cold

Hielo – Ice

Agua con gas – Sparkling Water

Agua natural / Agua sin gas – Still Water

Una botella – A bottle

Grande – Large

Pequeño(a) – Small

Mucho – A lot

Un poco – A little


Cena – Dinner

Desayuno – Breakfast

Almuerzo – Lunch

Desayuno – Breakfast

Quiero/Quisiera – I want / I would like…

Por favor  – Please

Soy vegano(a) – I’m vegan

Soy vegetariano(a) – I’m vegetarian

Soy celíaco/celíaca  – I’m celiac

Sin gluten – Gluten-free

Vino blanco – White Wine

Vino rojo – Red Wine

Pan – Bread

La cuenta por favor –  Could I have the bill please?


These are more to do with straightforward logistical challenges like buying goods, checking in to your hotel or just getting around.

¿Cuánto cuesta?  – How much is it?

¿A qué hora? – What time is?

¿A qué hora recogéis las maletas? – What time do you collect our bags?

¿Dónde dejamos las maletas por la mañana? – Where do we leave our bags in the morning?

Me llamo John Murphy y tengo una reserva con CaminoByTheWay – My name is John Murphy and I have a booking with CaminoByTheWay

No hablo español – I don’t speak Spanish

¿Habla inglés? – Do you speak English?

¿Dónde está…? – Where is…?

Supermercado  – Supermarket

Banco – Bank

Parada de autobús – Bus stop

Farmacia  – Pharmacy

Me duele aquí – It hurts here

Soy un peregrino – I am a pilgrim

Sello – stamp

Agua potable? – Drinking water

Codigo/Contraseña del Wifi – WiFi Code/Password?

Ampolla – Blister

So give it a go.  Knowing a few key phrases will make your Camino that little bit easier.

Want to find out more about the Camino? Contact us at hello@caminobytheway.com.



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