CaminoByTheWay was founded with one goal in mind: To pass on the true values of the Camino de Santiago to our clients so that they get to experience everything this wonderful historic pilgrimage has to offer.

Our company appreciates just how special the Camino really is, how life-changing it can be, not only as a test of will and fitness, but also as a profound spiritual undertaking that stays with you forever. Our international team of professionals will organize and accompany your journey, working hard to ensure you get the rewards you deserve along the way.

CaminoByTheWay knows all about the Camino’s potential to transform one’s outlook on life. Those who have completed the Camino often struggle to describe the experience since it is so interwoven with deep spiritual, historical and physical attributes. CaminoByTheWay prides itself on understanding these attributes and on conveying them to our clients to the best of our abilities. We will arrange everything for you in advance and provide you with all the necessary support along the way— without ever losing sight of the fact that the Camino is foremost a personal journey, yours to discover on your own terms.

We are delighted to be operating in partnership with respected international travel agents including

  • J. Barter Travel, 92 Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland.
  • Whitaker & DePrez Travel Partners, 133 Rue de Ville, Rochester, New York, USA.

Why Choose CaminoByTheWay:


  • We are lucky to have an experienced team of professionals from all over the world working on your behalf.
  • We always select the best accommodation for our clients. In these lodgings, you will be treated as a family member rather than simply a tourist.
  • We have the knowledge to recommend the finest places to eat. We choose only those restaurants that reflect the rich culinary traditions of the regions we cover.
  • Our level of assistance is second to none. In a nutshell, we don’t want you to worry about anything but putting one foot in front of the other. We provide a 24/7 contact telephone number to respond to all eventualities.
  • Our itineraries are developed and adapted to suit all our clients’ requirements.
  • We are fully conscious of the potentially harmful effects of excessive tourism on the natural environment; as such, a key philosophy of the company is to maintain respect for the local ecology as we go along.
  • We are always striving to convey our respect and passion for the Camino de Santiago to our clients so that they gain a truly unforgettable experience.

The Team:

Each member of the CaminoByTheWay team has extensive experience of walking the Camino, as well as a deep knowledge of its history and customs. CaminoByTheWay would like to share this experience and knowledge with you. Meet the team.

JuanJuan Rodríguez (Spain). A Galician native, Juan has been living in Ireland and working as a Camino de Santiago travel consultant since 2008. A fluent speaker of English, Spanish and Portuguese, Juan could safely be called a Camino expert, and he has guided a great many groups from all over the world, in particular Ireland and the USA, along its diverse routes. In addition to hiking across several Spanish National Parks, he has travelled to countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia and Morrocco in search of the world’s most beautiful and challenging trekking routes. His love of adventure sports such as kayaking, paragliding, skiing and mountaineering, is matched only by his devotion to the Camino, the primary motivation behind his founding of CaminoByTheWay. Juan’s objective is to offer something different—that is, a more ‘native’ experience of the Camino, an adventure undertaken alongside someone with an in-depth knowledge of local cultural and culinary traditions. The client thus gets to discover the Camino in its truest form.

DonalDónal O’Sullivan has hiked across some of the world’s most famous mountain ranges including the Himalayas, Alps and Cuba’s Sierra Madres.
Since first completing the Camino de Santiago in 2006, he has developed a keen interest in the history, traditions and environment of this historic pilgrimage – so when his friend Juan suggested forming a travel company specialising in the Camino, he didn’t think twice. Whether its taking queries or guiding on the trail itself, his goal is to ensure you get to enjoy everything the Camino has to offer.

René Lorenz (Germany). René is an experienced tour guide based in Galicia, Spain. After studying Tourism in 2008, he became an official guide for the Galician Tourism Board. A fluent speaker of German, English, Spanish and Portuguese, René has gained a lot of valuable experience in the Spanish tourism sector, most notably as a tour guide for passengers of cruise ships docked in the port of Vigo, whom he has taken on excursions to famous winegrowing regions, historic cities and natural parks all over northern Spain and Portugal. René is CaminoByTheWay’s official tour guide, providing tours of both historic Santiago de Compostela and the coastal jewels of Finisterre and Muxía.

MARINA HANSSEN (USA). Marina was born in Argentina and moved to the United Sates in 2002. A lifelong athlete and certified running coach, Marina has guided many people to the finish lines of marathons and other long-distance events. After completing her first Camino in 2017, she developed a passion for the Camino and a deep interest in the role of Camino guide. A member of the CaminoByTheWay team since 2022, Marina is motivated to help people enjoy the same amazing Camino experiences that she herself enjoyed along the trail. Marina speaks Spanish and English fluently and holds first
aid certification.

RAQUEL GARCIA (Spain). Raquel has 15 years’ experience in the tourism sector, with a special focus on the Camino de Santiago. A proud concierge of her native Galicia, Raquel loves recommending the best local experiences to pilgrims, whether they relate to culture, art or gastronomy, so that visitors get to understand and revel in the very essence of the Camino journey. Raquel’s passion for traveling and meeting people from different cultures has led her to visit many countries, venture into distinct natural environments and speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian


Where we are:

Ireland:         Clogheen. Clonakilty. County Cork.
_________  _J. Barter Travel, 92 Patrick Street, Cork City, Cork.
Spain:            Vilardematos, 48. 36740 Tomiño, Pontevedra.
Portugal:      57 Avenue Miguel Dantas. Valença do Minho.
USA:               Whitaker & DePrez Travel Partners, 133 Rue de Ville, Rochester, New York.

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