Planning a school tour? Here’s why you should consider the Camino

Now is the time when planning for school tours gets underway. If you’ve been called on to organise a school tour, then think seriously about the Camino. From planning and escorting school groups along the Camino, we’ve found the Camino to be a brilliant option for younger pilgrims. A few things have stood out. Firstly, students really respond to the atmosphere of solidarity, support and friendship that abounds on the Camino. They mix with classmates they may not have mixed with before and they share their thoughts on life after school in a useful way. Secondly, the Camino offers a great opportunity for cross-curricular learning. Here’s how:

  • Linguistic: Daily Spanish-language challenges for students
  • History: A land rich in ancient and medieval heritage
  • Geography: Diverse topography of mountains, river valleys, forests, estuaries and farmlands.
  • PE/SPHE: Daily challenge to complete a Camino stage. Encouraging students to lead supportive, healthy lives
  • Cultural Studies: Unique regional customs and community–based cultural and culinary traditions
  • Religion: Core spiritual meaning of the Camino pilgrimage continues into the present

CaminoByTheWay has developed some exciting packages aimed specifically at

schools. Let’s break these down into their core features:

  • Each package is a comprehensive offering of a full range of services including comfortable and secure private accommodation, breakfast and evening dinners, luggage transfers, coach transfers in Spain and (very important this) a team of experienced guides tasked with escorting the group safely along the trail and taking care of all logistics during non-walking hours.
  • Our itineraries can be further tailored to meet all the requirements set by a tour organiser. We will work with schools to design their ideal tour, while maintaining our goal of ensuring that all students experience a valuable and enriching Camino experience.
  • Our Camino school tour packages are very competitively priced. We offer 8 day/7 night tours from €385 per person.
  • Information evenings are key events in the leadup to a succesful Camino walk. We will visit your school and shed light on our company, our mission and all the different elements involved in a CaminoByTheWay school tour.

If you would like more information on our schools’ packages, contact


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