The Celtic Camino: Begin Your Camino de Santiago in Ireland!

Heard about this new walk they’re calling the Celtic Camino? It’s an exciting new route to Santiago de Compostela that combines a historic pilgrimage walk of your choice in Ireland with the English Way in northern Spain.

So how does it work? Well, here are the main steps:

1. Walk 25 km of a historic pilgrimage trail in Ireland. There are several trails that are long enough to qualify, including St. Finbarr’s Way in County Cork, Tochar Phádraig (St. Patrick’s Way) in County Mayo or St. Kevin’s Way in County Wicklow. Remember to bring your pilgrim passport and get it stamped at the beginning and end of your walk.

2. Request yourCeltic Camino Compostela” from Camino Society Ireland in Dublin. You’ll need to submit your stamped passport in order to certify that you’ve completed the Irish leg of your journey.

3. Complete the Spanish leg of your journey with a 75 km-walk along the traditional English Way, from the coastal city of A Coruña to Santiago de Compostela. In the Pilgrim Office in Santiago, submit your stamped Pilgrim Passport along with your Celtic Camino Compostela and you will be granted an official Camino de Santiago Compostela.

CaminoByTheWay is here for anyone seeking to experience the Celtic Camino. For more information or help in planning your journey, contact our travel specialists at



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