8 Days / 7 Nights
112 Km

Camino francés detallesThis route marks the final section of the famous Camino route known as the French Way. Sarria, situated a little over 100km from Santiago de Compostela, is the ideal starting point for a journey that culminates with the tired traveller receiving their pilgrim’s certificate, or Compostela. The Camino takes you along country lanes and dirt trails through forests, farmlands and rustic villages. Wonderful examples of medieval architecture and Galician cuisine are your final reward when you arrive in Santiago de Compostela.


Our path takes us through lush forests, rolling farmlands and rustic villages. Wonderful examples of Galician architecture and cuisine are our final reward when we arrive at Santiago de Compostela. During our two days off in Santiago, we will not only explore this fabulous historic city, but also discover the splendour of the Galician coast on our day trip to Cape Finisterre.


Sarria – Portomarín (21.4 km).
Portomarín – Palas de Reis (22 km).
Palas de Reis – Arzúa (28.8 km).
Arzúa – Rúa (19 km).
Rúa – Santiago de Compostela (20.8 km).


En suite hotel accommodation
Daily luggage transfers
Pilgrim passport and shell
Detailed information prior to start
24/7 support telephone number (self-guided)
Evening dinners (guided)
Two experienced guides (guided)
All transfers to and from airport (guided)
Flights not included


  • Winding your way through the beautiful Galician landscape dotted with charming villages.
  • Tasting the region’s famous wines (Ribeiro, Albariño, Mencia).
  • Sampling local foods such as octopus from Melide, cheese from Arzúa or Santiago’s famous almond cakes.
  • Visiting wonderful historical sites such as the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria (Ferreiros), the Church of San Nicolas (Portomarín), the Chapel of San Roque (Melide) and the medieval bridge in Ribadixo de Abaixo.
  • Collecting your thoughts in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, then soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s historic quarter.





Day 1. Sarria

camino-frances_itinerario1Sarria is a modern town with a lovely old quarter and a popular starting point for the Camino de Santiago. Many pilgrims choose to depart from Sarria because the distance from this point to Santiago de Compostela covers the necessary 100 kilometres required to receive a Pilgrim’s Certificate, or Compostela. Take a stroll through the town’s historic district and enjoy the atmosphere at any of the riverside terraces where you can sample traditional tapas or a glass of the famous local Albariño white wine.

Overnight: Sarria.


Day 2. Sarria - Portomarín (21.4 km)


Time to set off. Leave Sarria and enter a classic Galician countryside of meadows, woods and farmsteads. Your walk takes you along shaded trails, footbridges and country lanes lined with wild flowers. Along the way, you’ll spot many traditional Galician hórreos (elevated granaries) and lots of pretty villages where you can stop for water or assess our progress. A lovely descending trail takes you to your final stop, the town of Portomarin, where you can visit the castle-style church of San Juan.

Overnight: Portomarín.


Day 3. Portomarín - Palas de Rei (22 km)


The Camino climbs out of Portomarin, then weaves in and out of forests and scrubland. Today you cross the river Miño, Galicia’s longest river, and ascend steadily towards the Sierra de Ligonde. Pass charming hamlets such as Gonzar and Ventas de Narón, as well as more raised granaries and traditional stone crosses, before reaching the lively little town of Palas de Rei.

Overnight: Palas de Rei.


Day 4. Palas de Rei - Arzúa (28.8 km)


The Camino continues along shrub-lined tracks and byroads, passing the traditional village of Leboreiro and the lively market town of Melide, where you will find many restaurants serving octopus, Galicia’s most classic dish. Next, the Camino crosses several streams and follows a forest trail, bringing you to the village of Boente, the pretty medieval hamlet of Ribadiso and finally the town of Arzúa, famous for its local cheese.

Overnight: Arzúa.


Day 5. Arzúa - Rúa (19 km)


After our night in Arzúa, the Camino will take you through hamlets and farmlands, up and down shallow river valleys, and through forests of eucalyptus, pine and deciduous trees. Follow a mix of country backroads and forest tracks as far as Pedrouzo where you can relax, have dinner and look forward to your final day of walking.

Overnight: Rúa.


Day 6. Rúa - Santiago de Compostela (20.8 km)


Your last day! Leave Pedrouzo and pass through more woods, before descending a country track towards the hamlet of Amenal. The Camino continues along quiet roads and rivers until a path lined with rows of tall eucalyptus trees leads you to the pilgrim complex overlooking Santiago de Compostela known as Monte do Gozo (Mount of Joy). Descend through the outskirts of the city, then weave through the narrow streets of the old town until you reach Plaza do Obradoiro and beautiful Santiago Cathedral.

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela.


Day 7. Free day in Santiago de Compostela


Time to relax and explore this magnificent spiritual and cultural city, the goal of every pilgrim from medieval times right up to today. You may like to reflect on your journey in the magnificent Cathedral, where you can also visit the shrine containing the relics of the Apostle Saint James. Exploring the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sampling some local dishes, and kicking back in a terraza are other highlights of this beautiful historic city.

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela.



Day 8. Santiago de Compostela

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the end of your camino adventure. See you next time!



Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 7 reviews

Dear Juan,

I want to personally thank you for your professional and kind services on our Camino walk. It was really very pleasant, and your attention to detail made the trip delightful –although grueling at times! It was evident that you are very attentive to even the smallest details, as well as knowledgeable about the area, terrain, and accommodations available. I will remember this trip for a lifetime and I am so thankful that I not only completed the walk but enjoyed everyone’s company.

My only suggestion would be more advance information about the terrain elevations so as to train effectively before arriving. I honestly thought the mountains were in the Pyrenees, and that the lowland plains would not have the “saucy” hills that it did have. I was walking to prepare, but not on hills. And for being one of the slowest, I am very pleased I made it and thankful that you were so gracious in your patience waiting on me.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip!

(Texas, USA)


All went well and I brought home very special memories of my own Camino experience. I had read Fr. Kevin Codd’s book “To The Field Of Stars” about eight years ago and had added the Camino to my “bucket list” at that time and then the movie “The Way” just clinched it for me. In ’13, I had my 70th birthday and spent it, and the next two weeks, in the hospital. My husband wanted to do something special for that birthday and a year later he came upon this pilgrimage. So, it was very meaningful to me.

As I trudged along on the “longest day”, I was asking our Lord, why am I doing this!!!!??? I will always remember Juan saying to me as we approached Santiago, walking the stone street, “the Church is right up there, you will see it soon and there is something very special about it, you will see”. The moment I saw the spire of St. James the grace of God flowed into me and I became overwhelmed with joy and peace, my tiredness gone, only anticipation remained. I still live some of that feeling and will remember it for the rest of my life. Walking into that beautiful cathedral was overwhelming. I wish I could explain what I felt/feel but words cannot describe.

The Eucharist, the incense carrying our prayers to our Lord in praise and thanksgiving are such a personal experience—one that has become a part of my being.

Thank you so much for helping to make this personal journey one of great spiritual joy for me.

Your kind care and patience was a gift to me personally, shows a great deal of professionalism and joy in your work. It is difficult keeping safe, and happy, such a large group under any circumstance, you did it well and I thank you. We couldn’t have asked for better care.

Spain is a beautiful country and I loved the antiquity of the farm lands, the people are helpful and warm, the food awesome!

All made walking the Camino pleasurable, even the rain.

Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism, you will ever be in my heart and prayers. May our precious Lord keep you in His care and open your heart to His grace as you make your own personal journey through life. May He be your guide!

In love and thanksgiving.

(New York, USA)



Thank you for a wonderful trip along the Camino. I have been very busy and am now beginning to get caught up on things since my return from Spain.

I wanted to extend my great thanks to you for your hospitality, guidance, and the wonderful work you all did to make us feel welcome and comfortable each day. I would like to return some day and either bike or hike the whole Camino … I’ll let you know if I get a chance to do that.

If you’d ever like to come to the US for a visit to Kentucky, I’d love to host you. You’d be welcome to stay with me any time!

May God bless you as you continue to help others along their Way 🙂

(Kentucky, USA)



Michele and I had a great time.
Thanks for all your help.

(New York, USA)


We had a long trip, but we finally got home about midnight Boston time (6:00 am Santiago time). So we were traveling for 24 hours!

We want to thank you for being such a wonderful guide and friend and helping tend to my blisters! Your concern for each person in the group was amazing.

If you ever need a reference, we will be happy to provide one.

Again, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

May you have many Buen Camino.

(Boston, USA)


A week ago today we made it to Santiago! It seems like a dream but what an unbelievable lifetime experience.
This is what we liked-
Your positive attitude and enthusiasm -plus your passion for the Camino was contagious!

Your participation in our group activities be it Mass, prayer service or meals
You are very social and allowed us to get to know you as persons.

The accommodations and restaurants you chose were wonderful and gave us a true feeling of Galicia- the food offered was delicious and allowed us to feel connected to the region.
We always felt our safety was paramount to you.

Our only suggestion for improvement would be that in the slower group there were times that over an hour would go by before we might see either of you.
Thank you so much!

(Denver, USA)


Thank you for organising a great trip for me to the Camino . The weather was fabulous. All my hotels were great. Juan was very helpful with his advice and I felt that there was someone on the end of the phone/whatsapp if needed.

I will certainly book with your company again.

AVRIL COPITHORNE, French Camino, May 2022

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