15 Days / 14 Nights
242.4 Km

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-detallesThis is one of the most compelling stretches of the Camino, not only because of its natural beauty, but also because it features two key destinations on any pilgrim’s list—the historic city of Santiago de Compostela and the legendary peninsula of Cape Finisterre.

You will cross the entire province of Galicia from east to west, beginning in the beautiful elevated village of O Cebreiro. From the very first step, you will get a deep appreciation of the unique landscape and rich cultural heritage of Galicia.


O Cebreiro – Triacastela (21.5 km).
Triacastela – Sarria (19.5 km).
Sarria – Portomarín (21.4 km).
Portomarín – Palas de Rei (22 km).
Palas de Rei – Arzúa (28.8 km).
Arzúa – Rúa (19 km).
Rúa – Santiago de Compostela (20.8 km).
Santiago de Compostela – Negreira (21 km).
Negreira – Olveiroa (33.4 km).
Olveiroa – Corcubión (21.6 km).
Corcubión-Finisterre (13.4 km).


En suite hotel accommodation
Daily luggage transfer
Pilgrim’s kit (passport and shell)
Detailed information prior to start
24/7 support telephone number
Evening dinners (guided)
Two experienced guides (guided)
All transfers to and from airport (guided)
Flights not included


  • Crossing the beautiful and unspoilt Galician landscape.
  • Encountering wonderful historical sites such as the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria (Ferreiros), the Church of San Nicolas (Portomarin), the Chapel of San Roque (Melide) and the medieval bridge in Ponte Maceiro.
  • Tasting the region’s famous wines and liqueurs.
  • Sampling local foods such as octopus from Melide, cheese from Arzúa or Santiago’s famous almond cakes.
  • Gathering your thoughts in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, then soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s historic quarter.
  • Taking in the stunning Galician coastline around Cape Finisterre.




Day 1. Arrival in O Cebreiro

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario1This beautiful mountaintop village is known as the gateway to Galicia. Wander through the traditional stone-and-hay dwellings that once dominated this whole region.

Overnight: O Cebreiro.


Day 2. O Cebreiro - Triacastela (21.5 km)

camino frances cruzando galicia 05This is a nice undulating stage that takes you through indigenous Galician forests and along rugged upland trails.

Overnight: Triacastela.


Day 3. Triacastela - Sarria (19.5 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario3Today, magnificent examples of carballeiras (oak forests), rural villages that preserve timeworn agricultural practices and stone-built architectures vie for your attention. Throw in traditional raised granaries, standing crosses, Romanesque churches and animals grazing peacefully…this is Galicia at its purest.

Overnight: Sarria.


Day 4. Sarria - Portomarín (21.4 km)

Cruzando una multitud de minúsculas aldeas.Today you will walk through a typical Galician mountainous landscape dotted with woods and hamlets. In Portomarín, you can sample the famous local aguardiente (spirit made from grapes).

Overnight: Portomarín.


Day 5. Portomarín - Palas de Rei (22 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario5Follow the path along secluded forest trails and across undulating terrain before reaching the town of Palas de Rei.

Overnight: Palas de Rei.


Day 6. Palas de Rei - Arzúa (28.8 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario6Today’s stage is similar to previous days as the trail winds through thick forests and peaceful creeks. Marvel at the beautiful historical buildings of Ribadixo de Abaixo and Arzúa, and don’t forget to taste the latter’s famous local cheese.

Overnight: Arzúa.


Day 7. Arzúa - Rúa (19 km)

Plaza mayor.Peaceful forests and traditional Galician villages will greet you during today’s slightly shorter stage.

Overnight: Rúa.


Day 8. Rúa - Santiago de Compostela (20.8 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario7For some, the prospect of reaching Santiago makes them move faster. For others, knowing that the adventure is about to finish slows them down. Undoubtedly, for all pilgrims, once they cover the final kilometers through Santiago’s outskirts and arrive at the city’s cathedral and historic quarter, all their efforts are finally rewarded.

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela.


Day 9. Free day in Santiago de Compostela

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario8Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia and home to the tomb of the Apostle Saint James, is one of the greatest holy cities in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city, too, its streets teeming with pilgrims from all over the globe (more than 200,000 visit the city every year). Visiting the cathedral, wandering through the streets of the wonderful old quarter and tasting the local cuisine (based on fresh fish and seafood) are without doubt the city’s main attractions.

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela.


Day 10. Santiago de Compostela - Negreira (21 km)

Peregrino atravesando un espeso bosque gallego.After crossing the beautiful medieval bridge of Ponte Maceira, you will encounter wooded paths, rustic villages and farmlands. The day’s greatest challenge is the short but steep climb to Alto do Mar.

Overnight: Negreira.


Day 11. Negreira - Olveiroa (33.4 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario9During today’s long stage you will come across bucolic landscapes and small villages. The town of Olveiroa in the Xallas River Valley offers some fine examples of Galician pastoral architecture.

Overnight: Olveiroa.


Day 12. Olveiroa - Corcubión (21.6 km)

camino-frances-cruzando-galicia-itinerario10Today you walk along a stunning path that culminates at the southern end of the legendary Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), which gets its name from the large number of shipwrecks along its rugged shore. After spending so much time contemplating the colours of the land, your first view of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean will be unforgettable.

Overnight: Concurbión.


Day 13. Corcubión - Finisterre (13.4 km)

camino-finisterre-muxiaA pleasant coastal trail that takes you along pretty beaches until your arrival at the lovely seaside village of Finisterre, an authentic Galician fishing community where it is possible to sample some of the best seafood dishes in all of Spain. You will check into your lodgings, kick back before collecting your pilgrim’s certificate for Finisterre (the Finisterrana), then walk the final two kilometers to Cape Finisterre.

Overnight: Finisterre.


Day 14. Santiago de Compostela


Private transfer to Santiago after breakfast.  Another chance to appreciate the city’s rich cultural heritage and soak up its vibrant atmosphere.

Overnight: Santiago de Compostela.


Day 15. Santiago de Compostela

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the end of your Camino adventure. See you next time!



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